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Sunday, September 3, 2017
We are in the process of setting up a bus trip to Mooseheart the Child City for Founder's Day.
It is Saturday Oct. 28th, and a small bus for 15 people will cost about $20.00 per person. That's what you would pay for gas just to drive there. there will be drinks on the bus. Soft drinks on the way & beer on the way home. All included in the price.

The bus would take us to the presentations of Letter jackets for sports from Ohio Moose Assoc.
and Watches for all graduating seniors from Michigan Moose Assoc.

Benton Harbor usually donates 2 watches each year, and we can have a drawing on the bus
to see who gets to present the watches. After the presentations, we all go to the Michigan home for a tour of the home and snacks of every kind, mostly baked goods. While at Mooseheart you can visit baby village and other homes. They have a museum of Moose history, a store where you can buy all sorts of Moose products,clothing, and pins. We may get one of the seniors to give us a tour. SIGN UP SHEET WILL BE POSTED.
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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Sign up new members who will visit the lodge, and bring your friends in, especially for
our dinners. Our sales the last five weeks are way down.
This is your lodge not the officers, and it takes the membership to keep it going.

Fraternally; Administrator

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